Meaning of Life – 2

Most of my past limited posts have been on sad topics. Time to make a change! Hehe

Am still not feeling high but Guess I cannot carry on feeling such else I would be sinking into deep sad mode!

Recently due to work, I have an interest in marketing and has been learning about digital marketing via the internet and sharing from a Marketing Friend.

So Glad that I stumbled on this online seminar which conduct simple and valuable digital marketing techniques (at least so far for past two days). It’s a compilation of short (just enough) one hour seminars by different marketing experts that are involved in different marketing segments, such as Experts in Content Marketing and Marketing Value Creation.

These short seminars have bring back my eagerness to LEARN!

Learning is a never ending journey, another aspect of Life! It could bring both joy and challenges.

The joy of learning something new and interesting feels great! Well, new things are usually fun and especially valuable if it could enhance one’s knowledge to higher level. It’s the Feel Good part that makes learning Super Fun!

Challenges in learning is to capture as much possible during the course of the seminar or classes. It’s a great challenge too if there is more to cover but with limited time (for in this seminar means Super short), the challenge is next is to research for more information to have a deeper  understanding of the new topics.

Learning is Challenging and can spice up Life! Just like tea time 🙂


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