Meaning of Life – 1

I was having a short discussion with a Friend the other day about the meaning and objectives in human life.

Believed both of us are quite down on that day as we are having the idea of why one should live in this human world when there more sufferings than enjoyment.

Both of us have young kids therefore naturally we tend to feel for our kids, worrying that we might not be able to prepare them enough. Preparation  in terms of basic human upbringing (basic carefree childhood), material needs (plenty of toys and books), and emotional well being. On top of these, yet still providing our kids with a good and enjoyable childhood like we had during our younger days.

Not that I had a very great childhood, well at least from my age of 10, or so. However, with my past, I would wish for a more enjoyable childhood for my boy. As such, time and again I would prepare my boy with basic life expectations and trying best to let him understand not everything would go within our wants and needs.

 My hope now is to continue to groom and guide him as much possible in order to endure what life lays ahead of him while reminding him to manage his emotional wants and needs (to play and watch YouTube, mostly). For otherwise, I am afraid that he would face more sufferings in this over populated small country, with more competition when he grows up.

May I work together with my family to groom and prepare him to endure and face LIFE with JOY, instead of SUFFERING!


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