Loss in life is worst than losing precious belonging or money.

Feeling Lost in life, a loss in mental well being such as the thought of possibility of losing a job or sense of achievement derive from the usual activity that may suddenly stop.

The possibility of losing a job can be quite detrimental to one’s life as it means losing security. Of course most people can say you can always find another job. However to find a job which brings satistifaction of achievement in life due to work is not easy. Therefore one could find a job back but may not be able to find self back!

Loss in life usually affects one’s mindset or mentality hence the intensity. Such as after a tragic event in life which usually comes very sudden and totally unexpected. This would usually happen when a loved one, family member or a close Friend is lost in tragic accidents that ends up in sudden death.

This is one of the deepest level of loss as losing someone in life due to death is already sad enough. But is at its Worst when it’s less expected, imagine, the dead would never come back to life! The loss cannot be undone and nothing is replaceable…

When the mind is at loss, the person can sink deep in thoughts, fill with sadness and close-ended thoughts whereby he would usually feel much worst even after a Long period of the event that triggers the loss. Unless someone or something could jump start him back to life, otherwise this could lead into depression.

Therefore we could be loss in thoughts as something deeper and greater may come out of it, but we cannot sink deep into a state of depression for it is very, very difficult to pull out from this state of loss. We do not want to be Walking Dead!

May all people who are at a loss now could quickly heal and find light to see happiness in life. After all who else could help us but ourselves!


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