Rest – Letting Go

Took a rest from posting yesterday as work has been exhausting. Not due to physical tasks or due to finishing big piles of paperwork (still some meagre paper and calls follow-up).

Exhausted  due to much brain work and emotional impact as constructive ideas were not able to put through at a full productive scale!

Same old Lesson learnt many times but just keep thinking that I should not give up hope and should  be giving my very best effort to provide ideas and feedback to upper levels in finishing or delivery each tasks to achieve targeted results.

However, time and again it don’t  pay and credits aren’t being appreciated in the scale that I thought it would. In fact many a times credits are taken away from me while others got the appreciation instead! Tragically, and most hurting when those who have stolen the credits are the ones I thought I could trust (ideas and Creative methods given to them). Ended up they used them to their advantage and there is no small wee bit of credits to my lighting up their path, bringing them ideas to fulfill the tasks!

Therefore, I need to learn to let go and keep my mouth shut even when I’m anticipating or foreseeing the decisions made by superiors are of no sense or wrong. Well, as most superiors would think their ideas are the most constructive ones possible for they are on TOP of most things and have the TOP decision levels mindset, while I have not reach their level to envision the proper strategies. However many times my ideas are the more strategically focus on carrying the objectives and goals. Be it, that’s not what the superiors want to see or hear!


Hope with this attitude and mindset, I could be really resting myself even when I am not at work! And most importantly I won’t feel being “used” and not recognised!

Let go and Rest!


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