Stress, an emotion feeling that brings different meanings to different individuals. Some find a little stress would bring an individual to a new level in carrying daily tasks at work in a better manner, or more capable in adapting difficult life situations.

Some individual are stress when face with just simple tasks, such as reading of a manual guide instructions to fix a new portable fan or building a lego set for a child.

For me, I think it’s different degree of perception in handling a task or situation in life that brought about the stress manner or feeling. It can be handling of a crying baby who fights back during breastfeeding, or during carrying out simple household chores. Different individuals have different stress levels which in turn bring different level of emotional feelings,  where stress may or may not affect the well being of each individual.

Each individual has different mentality and mindset in facing different situations in life, no matter how normal it may seems. When one could not figure out how to face a certain situation, that’s usually where one feel stress.

For example reading a storybook or a textbook. When one dislike reading, it would be a huge task for him to complete reading of even 2 pages of a storybook. This is then a form of stress, which someone who likes reading totally disagree reading is a chore.

This is what I see in my kid who still prefers large text font (lesser reading time) with pages full of pictures. Hence this has become a norm for him whenever he chooses reading materials, large font text with plenty of pictures to illustrate the story in the books. In fact stress level is so high for him that he seldom reads!

The thought of him not reading totally hits me hard as my childhood was filled with storybooks especially, Enid Blyton and Famous Five series! However, recently he surprised me as he finally has the will to pick up a real storybook at his school library!

One day after school, without being told (to read), he started to take out a storybook and almost never stop reading for the whole afternoon! He was happy and told me he found this book by Joshua Doder from his Dragonsitter stories, A Dog Called Grk.  I was so amazed that he almost never stop reading it that whole afternoon, (yes repeating here, as good stress level pumping up!), only stopping when he needed his toilet breaks!

He was fascinated by the book, even attempted to find out words that he do not understand from me to ensure he got the full meaning of what’s been written. In which he has never done so before! Well at least in my recent memory…Just before bedtime he finished the book with a great fascinated and satisfied facial exprerssion! No, he didn’t skip dinner 😉

It was big surprise (and still is) for a parent who has a kid that DO NOT LIKE TO READ !!!

From a never read a full wordy storybook kid, to finishing one within 6 – 8 hours. I am (still) really fascinated! Like a great sense of achievement for myself! But of course the effort is his, pushing through his stress firewall to finish a real storybook!

He even summarized the story and kept telling me how interesting was the story, and why he like the book! He love the book that much until he keep flipping through pages that intrigued him!

So now, one stress down, sort of….for I am waiting to see him through another round of same occurence! Haha!

How about you? What is the stress firewall broken that gave you great sense of achievement? Do share! 🙂







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