What is life?

What is Life?

This question keep popping up in mind. Sometimes even say it out loud especially when I am super down. Down when I am facing difficult crossroads, deciding which is the best options to move on. Well, at most just to settle the bad situation that I am stuck with at that moment.

Life, in general, I think should be a happy thing, such as a newborn baby. Full of life! Crying and kicking at the first moment arriving into the world.  Life supposed to be fill with both bright days and dark ones, making us full and whole living persons.

Well, to me, mine is full of happenings even from early childhood. In the best of my memory started when I was six. The day when my kindgergarten classmates broke my first pair of glasses! Those days, in the eighties, wearing spectacles were regard as…aliens!

It happened during a class where a teacher was giving lessons as usual,  while we sat on the floor. I had always loved to sit at the back of group during classes. For that it was easier to be bullied without being noticed by teachers. Two or three of my classmates were exchanging some bad comments about my glasses, and one of them suddenly removed it and placed it on under a table away from me. When I requested them to return me, one of them just broke it right in front of me! Daring me to tell the teacher when I told them to return.

At the same moment when she broke it, I snatched back the specs, stood up and went straight to my form teacher in the next classroom to seek for justice!

I believed my classmates were taken by surprise, especially when my teacher started calling them out to understand the situation. That was the first crossroad I chose, to stand up for myself or let my classmates continue to bully me!

Yes! I chose to stand up and went right to someone of higher authority to justify the treatment I got simply due to my wearing a pair of spectacles!

What is life? Well, based from my first real lesson of life.

To stand up for self! AND Seek higher authority for help to call for justice as a victim.

Sometimes it came naturally, sometimes it don’t. Especially when we are adults, we have too much to think about, analyzing which is the best option. So life is making the best choices possible during the critical moments. It may not be a fully right one, but at times even with much planning, the decisions may not be good either.

Life exoriences probably is the answer to LIFE!



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