Life Choices

At any moment, we are given choices. What are they?

Basic choices, food and clothing in our daily life. Fortunate people would have these basic choices taken care of mostly by have a basic job that they are having to earn a living to food these basic choices. Basic choices are the main purpose for most people to earn a living. So one can choose to eat chicken or beef, and to add fish or vegetable to his usual meals of the day. All these within the means of his earning.

The next level are upgraded choices. They can be materials we buy to upgrade ourselves in our lifestyle,such as clothing and apparels. It could be patronizing higher end restaurants for a hearty meal where we would only do so during birthdays and special celebrated occasions or gatherings with friends, such as annual gathering during the yearly festive seasons. It could also be the trendy IT gadgets that are available yearly, although now this has seems to become a necessity. Choices are then on which brand and different tech specs that we need for the gadgets.

Upgraded choices usually got us thinking on our finances as they are usually out of our routine expenses. For those who have enough savings this is of no headache, but for those who barely make ends meet each month, it could be mind boggling even if it is only a mere $50 or $100 extra, as it could be a monthly affair (payment by installments) if one decided to buy a PC for instance,  i.e. something beyond the savings.

Hence all working adults are fixated into striving to earn more and more each day. However the hard truth is one may not easily do so due to facts of life and perceived education level by most employers at large.

So the choice now is whether one should upgrade self by enrolling into higher learning, obtaining business certificates that somehow would have better job advancement opportunities or stay put. Why choosing to stay put?  Well, most probably due to the savings he has is only enough to cover the rainy days for the family. Or the savings he had would be barely enough to get ready for his children’s future education savings.

So choices. We could only make do with what we can choose now, within our means and choices that are available at the particular moment!

Is this then perceive as choices still?


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